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Message started by Teddy on 07.04.09 at 10:44:16

Post by Teddy on 07.04.09 at 10:44:16

I have already posted this under food but I want to congratulate the Carvery at Cumbernauld for providing such a wonderful meal and such a wonderful service all latex free for the amazing price of 3.50 per head. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D It is really amazing to have found this place and I look forward to keep going back.

Teddy ;D :)

Previous posting under food as follows:-

Hi All

As any readers of the forum will know my favourite  restaurant to eat out is up in the North of Scotland in Munclochy which is more than 200 miles away so only when visiting relatives do we go there.

However I am delighted to say we have found a local carvery only under 10 miles away which serves a wonderful carvery from lunch until night times. You get any kind of meat you wish e.g. carved cooked ham , carved turkey, carved chicken or carved roast beef. They cut it for you the way you like it and you can have 3 slices of one or mix and match. Then you go onto a bit where its like a self service of roast potatoes, different kinds of potatoes to go with the roasts, they change what these ones are, a mountain of different vegetables including a lovely cheese and cauliflower sauce dish, lots of gravies to go with it helping yourself, stuffing and yorkshire puddings.

There is also a vegetarian selection should you not wish to eat meat.

Not only am I excited to have found a restaurant that has no latex in kitchen in form of gloves etc but no balloons allowed. I phoned to check before we went and we have been a few times now.

Another amazing fact is this only costs 3.50 per head. Can you imagine it. A real homecooked meal for that price you couldn't do this for that at home. With drinks for 4 people it was under 20 ;D which keeps hubby happy ;D

So I am so excited that I have a new place to go and locally too. Will post this onto the congratulations part as they really deserve it and the staff especially at the carvery part work so so hard and are so pleasant its tops for me.

Take care all

Teddy ;D

Post by Karen and Sophie on 07.04.09 at 21:11:43

Congratulations to The Carvery Cumbernauld  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Wish it was nearer to us  ;)

Karen x

Post by Laura on 06.06.11 at 00:08:07

:) What's it called .... CUMBERNAULD That's where i live nice to know i have some where i can take my kids out to eat thank you Teddy :) x

Post by Teddy on 06.06.11 at 15:33:22

Hi Laura

Nice to know that someone who lives near to me knows what I am talking about. I have never actually met anyone before who has type 1 latex allergy. Not only are there never any balloons but it is so cheap to eat out there it is amazing.

I have not been there for ages but when we cannot be bothered cooking a meal we just head over there as I live close enough. Kirkintilloch.

Nice to meet you via the forum Laura.

Take care and happy eating out at the Carvery.

Teddy aka Lesley

Post by Laura on 06.06.11 at 17:13:49

Hi Lesley nice to meet you too x it is a nightmare this allergy both myself and my 21 year old daughter have yet to have it confirmed i myself have unconfirmed allergies have had every test done possible still they can't find what i am allergic daughter was rushed to A&E after wearing latex gloves with in minutes she reacted the head doctor is sure she has type one latex allergy she is now reacting to everything she eats :( think this has made her white cells hypersensitive....i decided to remove all latex products from the home touched the gloves ended up being rushed to A&E myself with same issue except my throat started to contract was closing up one minute the next i was being sick :( both waiting to be seen by specialist at the Western Infirmary...ibe safe xxx

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