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Message started by alison on 21.07.09 at 17:06:29

Title: Hevea or Rubberwood
Post by alison on 21.07.09 at 17:06:29

Hi evryone

I'm looking for a butchers trolley and have found a nice one but its made of Hevea wood - does anyone have any reactions to this wood ?


Title: Re: Hevea or Rubberwood
Post by Teddy on 21.07.09 at 22:17:11

Hi Alison

I would avoid it like the plague. Have a look at this explanation which I think is the best one I could find. I reacted to the same product which was in the form of wooden jigsaws when I did a toy exhibition in London. One of the stands near to us although in an opposite row and further up had these jigsaws made from this and it made me so unwell I could  not attend the exhibition after the first day. I ended up in bed for the rest of the duration and it is my husband's company [not the jigsaw company - he designs and manufactures boardgames]  he was lucky that he had other work colleagues with us on the exhibition to cover it but I did miss out on a great week.

So Alison I would imagine it should be avoided be interested to hear what others think. Hope you find something suitable soon.

Take care


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