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Message started by ndj on 26.04.11 at 13:34:53

Post by ndj on 26.04.11 at 13:34:53

Not sure whether anyone has small children that this may apply to but...

My children are currently members of moshi monsters which is an online childrens game.  Some of the products they sell are called "moshi bands" which look like little rubber bands but shaped into the outline of the different monsters and moshlings that live in this virtual world.

As you can imagine, panicked when I saw them and wrote to the company asking what they were made of.

Reply:  made entirely of silicone and do not contain ANY natural latex rubber.  So pleased and well done moshi monsters. :) :) :)

Post by Teddy on 02.05.11 at 15:57:56

Well done to Moshi Monsters. I know that these kind of bands are all the rage just now and like you say worrying for parents and kids alike. A lot of them are indeed silicone but need to check with each manufacture and keep checking when new ones come out to make sure they have not changed what is in them.

Take care


happy collecting

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