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Message started by Teddy on 09.05.11 at 16:39:59

Post by Teddy on 09.05.11 at 16:39:59

A very WELL DONE to VIRGIN MONEY TRAVEL INSURANCE and to Craig. I booked travel insurance for myself who has lots of health issues including my anaphylaxis and my thyroid tumour etc and my son has diabetes type 1 insulin dependent and my hubby's HBP and HC and two other family members who do not have any health conditions

all of the above totally well covered more than I could imagine

and the whole 5 members cost less than I paid to Marks and Spencers last year for my travel insurance alone for my health conditions.

So WELL DONE to Craig at VIRGIN MONEY on a pleasant and easy transaction at a wonderful cost compared to being ripped off last year by M and S

Well done VIRGIN MONEY on my travel plans to Bulgaria on 10th June

Can't wait to get away and get some sunshine.

I also mentioned to them that I get my next check up at hospital on 17th May for my thyroid tumour and they just told me if there are any changes just let them know. Not a problem.

Could not have been more helpful. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Teddy for a change ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Post by Bob on 10.05.11 at 10:28:38

Paula tried them some years ago Lesley. She was refused because of her latex allergy. They must have had a change of policy.

We'll have another look this year.

Post by Teddy on 10.05.11 at 13:24:55

Please do Bob. I got them via Martins moneymarket website. There was a large list of companies to choose from but Virgin was at top so first one I tried. I thought I would be there and going through the list but no. The guy was more than helpful. He went through all five of us and three of us have health issues two of us very complex. As I said I paid less for the five of us than M and S took for me alone last year.

Big coverage as well on the health side which is what I was looking for as worried about going on holiday with the thought of anything going wrong.
They were so helpful.

Found out today I have my hospital apt on 17th May and then see the consultant on 7th June just before I go on holiday so hope to find out what is what then.

I told them all about anaphlactic shock and multiple allergies causing anaphylaxis and all my intolerances and other health issues. It was a very thorough interview and lots of health related questions for the 3 of us in the party.

Here how you get on should you use them Bob.

Take care

Lesley x Love to Paula

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