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Message started by Lisa on 03.11.11 at 13:11:01

Title: HTC Mobile Phones
Post by Lisa on 03.11.11 at 13:11:01

Not sure if this is where to post this, but it may be of interest to others, I was looking for a new mobile phone so I am asking them if their phones have latex in them:

"Thanks for contacting HTC reagrding your interest in the HTC Smart.
I understand you would like to know of which materials are used and, in particular, if Latex is used.
There does not seem to be any mentioned of Latex in the technical specification of the HTC Smart.
Most phones are made up of several different materials, the main one being plastic.
Plastic makes up most of what a cell phone is, there is also trace amounts of lead in the coating and a rare mineral called tantalum which is found in the capacitors.  There is also a little copper some nickel and various other things found mostly in the battery. I hope this helps you with your decision and purchase.
Many thanks for contacting HTC."

Title: Re: HTC Mobile Phones
Post by Bob on 04.11.11 at 08:36:40

That makes a change Lisa. Well done HTC :)

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