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Message started by ali on 07.08.12 at 17:33:14

Title: No Tomato Pasta Sauce
Post by ali on 07.08.12 at 17:33:14

Just made this pasta sauce which looks just like tomato passata but contains NO TOMATOES.  I have found spaghetti bolognaise just doesn't look or taste the same without tomatoes.  So excited to have found this recipe and have made it today.  It looks perfect and good flavour and texture too.

3 carrots
small cooked beetroot
3 tbsp apple cider vinegar ( I used white wine vinegar can't have apples)
3 tbsp lemon juice
Good sprinkle of dried herbs or a chopped handful of fresh herbs
1 diced onion
1  clove of garlic crushed

Steam carrots and beetroot until they are tender and then blend them together.  Cook onions and garlic with herbs and add these to the sauce.  Add vinegar and lemon juice. Blend together to make a smooth sauce.

I'm going to freeze it for next time I'm making a recipe which requires tomatoes.  Hope it helps someone else too.


Title: Re: No Tomato Pasta Sauce
Post by Jen on 15.08.12 at 23:07:28

thanks for sharing that!  I will give it a try

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