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Message started by ZoeR on 07.11.13 at 20:47:49

Title: New & bad reaction this evening...
Post by ZoeR on 07.11.13 at 20:47:49

Hello all

I've learnt that I'm latex allergic this year, and tonight I've had a reaction which left me on the bathroom floor, near to fainting (lost my colour as well & looked deathly) clammy and sweaty, nauseous and lower abdo pains.  Symptoms came on rather quickly at tea time and passed off within about 30-40 minutes.  

Have been racking my brains as to what caused it, and the only thing I've done differently is to re-arrange some faux silk roses and lilly's that I've had for about 5 years,  cutting the stems, washing & drying them out.  Not something I would do ordinarily!

They look are looking really nice in my living room, but now I am thinking its another thing I need to dispose of / pass on.  Hubby says should be okay as had them for years and never a problem, but obviously I've disturbed them and handled them a lot today so I don't know.  I just don't want to take a chance.

Has anyone else had similar problem?

The only other thing was I had my B12 shot yesterday, so wondering if that might be whats caused the problem?  As far as I know GP doesn't flag it on system, and hasn't been that interested when I've been to see them, just give me 1 x latex and 1 x non glove to test myself at home and said take them off immediately if spot any reaction!  First time I asked I was told he didn't have time for that today and told me I was anaemic and taking iron would resolve a lot of things like this!  Been on the iron for 6 months solid, and still not absorbing iron properly!

Somedays feels like I am falling apart at the seams!
Best wishes

Thank-you for  

Title: Re: New & bad reaction this evening...
Post by Bob on 08.11.13 at 09:16:32

If the B12 shot caused the problem Zoe, I would have thought you would have reacted immediately.   I wonder if there was any latex based glue used in the manufacture of the roses.

Title: Re: New & bad reaction this evening...
Post by ZoeR on 08.11.13 at 11:52:20

Thank-you for your reply Bob.

I think you're right, certainly when I googled all about silk/faux flowers it would seem there is a very high chance there is some latex involved with the stems.  I handled them a lot yesterday and even cut and trimmed them to fit a new vase, which also involved bending the stem quite a bit to snap the wire inside.  I also am wondering if the glue used to fix them into the original vase (looks like heat glue gun type of stuff) might have also caused a problem.

My hubby was really scared, and I don't have an epipen or anything similar, but he was close to ringing for the paramedics.  Not sure if I can have an epipen as I suffer a lot with abnormal heart palpitations and needed DC cardioversion 7 times last year and underwent an op in January which has lessened some of the episode although its not cured all!

I have another GP appointment Tuesday so will bring it up then.  To me, I feel like I've had a gastro anaphalaxis episode, but worry that I'll sound like a nutter when I describe it to them.  Oh, and I also had an attack just like this on the cardiac ward when they tried me on IV amioderone a couple of years back, and the nurses and fellow patients thought I was a 'gonner' and kept them all on their toes during that reaction.

GP's however just seem bit wishy washy these days though, playing everything down!  

Kind regards

Title: Re: New & bad reaction this evening...
Post by Bob on 08.11.13 at 12:45:42

I'm afraid we have all too many reports of GPs being like that Zoe.   If you are not happy with his treatment, leave him in absolutely no doubt that that is the case.

I think that, with your heart problem, you are probably right about the use of an epipen.

Title: Re: New & bad reaction this evening...
Post by ZoeR on 12.11.13 at 11:15:54

Well, have been to see my GP, who seemed interested as she has had similar symptoms herself and had never linked it to a reaction to something, but now I've got her thinking!!
She's going to send me to see a dermatologist as she thinks they can do the allergy testing? she couldn't think who else to send me to?
Seemed to think it was possible linked to latex, or adrenaline rush.

Title: Re: New & bad reaction this evening...
Post by Bob on 12.11.13 at 13:23:49

Be aware, Zoe, that allergy testing for latex allergy is not foolproof.   There have been several reports of false negatives.   When Paula was first tested they told us she wasn't allergic to latex and, when I insisted on a second test they got a new batch of the test fluid and it came up positive.

Title: Re: New & bad reaction this evening...
Post by Jen on 15.11.13 at 13:26:01

Hi Zoe

I'm very concerned that a GP advised you to take some gloves home and test yourself.  I work in an allergy clinic and we do a test like that but only with a doctor and resuscitation facilities available.  


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