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Message started by Bob on 29.04.14 at 08:45:47

Title: Beware of new Fords
Post by Bob on 29.04.14 at 08:45:47

Getting a new Fiesta and it's got no spare wheel. Don't know what the manufacturers are thinking about not including a spare. Instead, it has a can of compressed air and natural rubber latex which pumps up a punctured tyre and, hopefully (it's not guaranteed), seals it for 200 clicks. Lets hope your not in the wilds of Scotland when it goes.

That said, Paula, who is severely allergic to latex, won't be able to drive the car in case she gets a puncture. Using the idiotic can could kill her. And Fords boast that their cars are latex free.

I've decided to buy a wheel and keep it in the boot and ditch the can. Fords sell a spare for 134 but I could always go to Amazon and pay 176.

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