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Message started by Laura2 on 18.01.15 at 10:13:29

Title: Hello & help
Post by Laura2 on 18.01.15 at 10:13:29

I Am hoping you can help me. I was diagnosed with latex allergy just over a year ago. Although on reflection I have been reacting to it for 14 years. My first serious reaction was 2 years ago and the air ambulance was mobilised :'(. I have had a number since. I am allergic to most cross reacting latex foods. Primarily potato which I have to avoid at all cost in all its forms.
This latest reaction is due to eating the smallest piece of cheese. After I had eaten it I noticed the person chopping it up had latex gloves on  :-/. My initial reaction was small but within 24 hrs I became really poorly. I am now 15 days on my mast cells are in overdrive and I am having intermittent swelling of the throat, intermittent chest tightness, stomach cramps and extreme tiredness ( the symptoms are horrible and very frightening) my Gp is at a loss and has spoken to my consultant who has advised that the mast cells are like a disturbed Hornets nest that has to be calmed. He has advised to increase my anti histamines. I am taking 13 tablets so far........ Loratadine x3 fexofenadine when my breathing is compromised, about 3 a day,  montolucust x3, ranitidine x3 and then Ucerax ( sorry can't spell) at night. He has advised that I can have x10 the dosage!
Has anyone else experienced this sort of reaction. How long has it taken for you to recover. I am anxious about my new job as I have only been there 3 months.

Title: Re: Hello & help
Post by LASG Forum Administrator on 19.01.15 at 09:28:39

Hi Laura and welcome to the forum.   That really is a bad reaction and I can't remember anyone reporting such a reaction.   Unfortunately, reactions seem to take all sorts of forms.   I hope you have reported the problem to the place where you got the cheese; if not let me know and I will write to them as they shouldn't be using latex gloves.   Hope you feel better soon.

Title: Re: Hello & help
Post by Laura2 on 19.01.15 at 12:06:57

Hello, thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the place I had the cheese was in Holland and I just took it out of the bowl. Thank you anyway, I understand this and reactions are hard to understand. As I can't have steroids I feel the reaction takes a lot longer to calm down in my system. Thank you for your help.

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