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Message started by LASG Forum Administrator on 04.10.15 at 10:10:24

Post by LASG Forum Administrator on 04.10.15 at 10:10:24

28th September, 2015

Dear LASG member,

The decision to merge with Anaphylaxis Campaign was formally made at our AGM which was held on the 8th September, 2015.  The minutes of that meeting are enclosed with this letter.  Anaphylaxis Campaign formally agreed to the merger in June.

LASG will merge with Anaphylaxis Campaign on the 31st December 2015, and the LASG will be formally wound up on that date.  All assets including the website will be transferred to Anaphylaxis Campaign.

Part of the merger process is to transfer all existing LASG members into the membership of Anaphylaxis Campaign.  In order to be able to do this, we will need to pass your personal membership details to the Membership team at Anaphylaxis Campaign.  If you do NOT wish us to pass your membership details to the Anaphylaxis Campaign please let us know as soon as possible.  If we do not hear from you by 15th October 2015, we will assume that you are happy for us to pass your details to the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s Membership team.

LASG members will become full members of Anaphylaxis Campaign, and entitled to all the benefits of membership of that organisation.  This will include:
•      A welcome pack which will include details on how to access the website
•      A telephone helpline available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday
•      Outlook magazine, issued twice a year
•      A bi-monthly e-bulletin for those members who supply an email address

LASG members will each receive at least twelve months free membership of Anaphylaxis Campaign.  The renewal date will be 24 months after their last renewal of membership to LASG.  For example, a member who renewed their LASG membership on 1st March 2015, for the period up to 28th Feb 2016, would then receive a free year’s membership of Anaphylaxis Campaign.  This free year would end on 28th Feb 2017, and only then would be due for renewal.

It is with some feeling of sorrow that we have to inform you of the demise of LASG.  In our relatively short life we achieved much.  We believe that we brought about change which made glove use safer.  We raised awareness, and had latex allergy accepted as an occupational disease.  Most of all, we hope we were able to support those affected and empowered them to live a full life in spite of their allergy.  We feel confident that The Anaphylaxis Campaign will continue that support as their staff already deal with matters relating to latex allergy.  We shall continue to work with them and give advice when needed, and our Chairman, Aleks Kinay has been invited to join their Board of Trustees. In addition, Lord Boswell, one of our Presidents, will join Dr Frankland as President of Anaphylaxis Campaign.  

In spite of our sorrow, we do feel that this merger is in the best interests of our members.  Anaphylaxis Campaign is a larger organisation, and thus will be able to support you in a way we no longer can.

Thank you all for your support in the past.  We wish you well in the future.

Ann Clarke
Hon Sec LASG

PS We hope to issue a final edition of Bouncing Back later this year.

Post by LASG Forum Administrator on 07.10.15 at 17:23:13

We will be keeping the forum going for at least a year. :)

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