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24.03.19 at 01:10:36
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Be Warned (Read 62456 times)
LASG Forum Administrator
LASG Forum Administrator

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Re: Be Warned
Reply #60 - 19.04.17 at 14:12:29
For those in the UK
Scam alert!!!!!
 Just had a call purporting to be from the Telephone Preference Agency saying they're upgrading their service.
 Apparently I will never get another nuisance call in my life!
 Started checking details, address, postcode, did I pay by direct debit, was it due to expire in 2018 (wrong, they don't expire). At this point I started getting suspicious, since the TPA is free, but when he wanted to check the expiry date on 'one of my payment cards' I stopped cooperating and started asking why. He kept insisting so I told him he was becoming a nuisance call and hung up.  
 Rang the TPA and they confirmed it is scam originating outside the UK. They are looking into it but the numbers used keep changing, so difficult to pin down. My caller came up as 'number unavailable'.
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