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27.01.22 at 08:36:55
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latex fruit allergy information (Read 22419 times)


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Re: latex fruit allergy information
Reply #15 - 22.09.14 at 13:32:16
When I was dignosed many years ago with my latex alergy the Clinic did allergy testing on me for various fruits and also some common allergies as well.  
it came out that i was allergic to the following fruits
Pineapple ( this is the worst fruit for me, i dont get anaphalus but i get severve vomiting and usually an asthma attack )  
Citrus fruit ( i was told i could still eat this but to be careful )  
and to watch any tropical fruit too.  
nuts ( which i have never had a problem with and continue to eat )  
I recently have been noticing reactions to things im not quite sure whats causing it but im waiting to see a dietition and too see wht i should cut out to see if that helps, because just now my asthma and skin is very bad, plus i always seem to have an upset tummy and i think its all linked to allergies???  
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