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26.05.19 at 22:15:42
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EU informall project Database on food allergy info (Read 1743 times)
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EU informall project Database on food allergy info
13.01.10 at 23:51:43
This website has loads of info from various sources on food allergies. May be useful for looking for latex cross reactors?
 - buckwheat - latex - rice
http://foodallergens.ifr.ac.uk/biochemical.lasso?selected_food=12&allergenid =92
"IgE in allergic sera to buckwheat cross-react with those from latex (De Maat-Bleeker & Stapel, 1998) [39] and rice (Yamada et al, 1995) [236]."
De Maat-Bleeker F & Stapel SO  
Cross reactivity between buckwheat and latex. Allergy 53: 538-539. 1998
PUBMED ID: 9636816      
amada K, Urisu A, Morita Y, Kondo Y, Wada E, Komada H, Yamada M, Inagaki Y & Torii S
Immediate hypersensitive reactions to buckwheat ingestion and cross allergenicity between buckwheat and rice antigens in subjects with high levels of IgE antibodies to buckwheat. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 75: 56-61. 1995
PUBMED ID: 7621062
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