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27.01.22 at 08:40:46
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I have some food questions (Read 2596 times)


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I have some food questions
15.10.11 at 18:54:02
Hi, I've been having allergic reactions to more and more foods. As I'm getting no information from health professionals thought I'd ask here.. My main concern is whether or not reacting to foods that contain proteins similar to latex, actually increases your bodies sensitivity to latex. My allergy is at present managable and my main focus is to keep it that way! I'm still in the lengthy process of trying to identify the foods (mainly fruit) I react to.  
I've found that I feel healthiest when I eat a poor diet of mainly carbohydraty stuff.. I avoid fruit now as I'm a coward and dislike having an allergic reaction!! I am very aware this isn't a healthy diet and I'm missing out on nutrients.. what do other people n this group do???
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Re: I have some food questions
Reply #1 - 18.10.11 at 19:17:27
Hi Nicola
Unfortunately no one can answer this question really. We are all unique and all react differently. I have lots of other allergies and food intolerances. Have a look into salicylate intolerances if food and preservatives perhaps may be causing you problems. The food allergies can be cross reactions with latex but you really need tested to find out what the problems are.
Sorry I cannot give you the answer you need.
Keep a food intake diary and try and pin point what you may be reacting to and then its a case of avoidance.
I feel like you do that my food intake is not as healthy as I used to take in as I have had to cut out lots of fruits and vegetables due to my intolerance of sals. Not allergy to sals.
There is a salicylate intolerance website you can look at to see if you think that might be a problem for you. Worth a read anyhow.
other than that try the food diary and see if it helps you.
Good luck and nice to speak to you on the forum
Teddy Smiley
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