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27.01.22 at 09:29:45
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Was ok with mangoes before now (Read 3428 times)
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Was ok with mangoes before now
26.10.11 at 22:09:07
I have never reacted to a mango until about two hours ago.  I ate one & spent the next 20 minutes trying to wipe away the irritation & lumps around my lips.  Then the penny dropped, I ate a mango and they are indicated in latex allergy, then my lips are swelling up and I have itchy lumps near my mouth.  After 90 minutes the swelling went down, but I took a photo first just incase I might need it because my blood tests are negative for everything.  
Is it common to develop more allergies to other foods in the "latex group".
I love mangoes, but this is the first time I've had one in months.  It was different from the  burning of kiwifruit, like hot chilli pepper, which apparantly most people don't feel, so I was told that is a sensitivity or allergy to kiwi.  
This was much more classic.  Two itchy welts beside swollen lips and an itchy swelling beside one eye.
Does this mean I should avoid mango, or might it be ok next time?  I was ok before and I am avoiding more and more "healthy" foods as time goes on (and feeling healthier without them!).
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Re: Was ok with mangoes before now
Reply #1 - 06.11.11 at 16:31:46
Hi Megan
If you had such a bad reaction I would not risk trying one again.
I have lots of allergies and intolerances to so many foods and mostly to what we all term 'healthy' food items. It is very frustrating.
Keep a food diary and then you can pinpoint what you are reacting to and show to your allergist.
Take care
We just have to learn to live with it I am afraid but not easy I know.
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