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20.10.21 at 13:36:11
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The Joy of Fix - Sugru company very helpful (Read 4902 times)
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The Joy of Fix - Sugru company very helpful
11.05.12 at 12:19:23
Afternoon campers,
I reallylike to like to mend things. I am a regular 'Little Miss Fix-It'.
I have become aware of a new product called Sugru which is like a plasticine but dries in the air to become somewhat hardened. It does retain some flexibility when dried. 
Given this appearance I am sure you can understand that I was a little concerned that it might be made from NRL.
Indeed the website is a little confusing because it does actually refer to this product as being a rubber but elsewhere calls at silicon. However on contacting the company (and I have to say they responded like lightning!) I discovered that the product truly is a silicon. They sent me some very detailed  chemical analysis sheets which describe the ingredients of the product. 
They do recommend the use of some disposable gloves when handling the product (obviously not latex ones!) As the chemicals in them can be irritating to skin.
So now I am looking forward to the arrival of my Sugru in the post...
PS-if you have a minute to watch their animated promotional video it really is the sweetest thing!  Roll Eyes
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Re: The Joy of Fix - Sugru company very helpful
Reply #1 - 23.05.12 at 12:59:10
Wonderful to know that yet again here is another safe product for us to use.
Thanks for this wonderful info.
Lesley x
I might just get modelling. I used to love and adore plasticine as a child.
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