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12.08.20 at 13:04:58
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NOT safe stuff (Read 5466 times)


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NOT safe stuff
19.09.13 at 01:59:22
As I have posted in the other forum about manufactures that have latex free items I will no post all the ones that I have heard back that contain latex SOME EVENTHOUGH THE DO NOT LIST IT IN MATERIAL USED  Angry
Molten basketballs - not listed in the material list but they are full of latex!  
Wilson basketballs - again not listed but they also have parts that are latex!
Birkenstock - Hello Melinda, Thank you for your enquiry. Birkenstock uses the latex milk extracted fromthe bark of the rubber tree. This is transformed into the binding agentthat holds the cork granulate in the Birkenstock footbed together.  
Nike bathing suits- after a discussion on how they are becoming aware of the growing latex allergy and how they have stoped using it in their shoes they still put it in all thier bathsuits  Roll Eyes
Maidenform- Since our products contain many different components that may contain synthetic and/or natural rubber, Maidenform cannot confirm that the product will be Latex free. We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.  
Jockey - Hi, Melinda,
Yes, unfortunately all of our product has a trace of Latex in it. So that is why we no longer can tell customers that it does not have latex in it. We are not able to control that with the way the underwear is made. Customer use to wear our Elance but customers wore it only because it had a covered elastic waistband but in time the cloth comes off and you could have a severe reaction. Again I am sorry that we do not have any garments that would work for you.  
HAsbro the maker of nerf - some products contain latex
if anyone would like to see the full emails please feel free to email me at jandmmr@hotmail.com
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Re: NOT safe stuff
Reply #1 - 19.09.13 at 08:58:34
Thanks Melinda.   Some really helpful people out there Sad
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Re: NOT safe stuff
Reply #2 - 15.11.13 at 13:01:36
Well at least I'm spared the house being pelted with Nerf products...
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