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17.06.19 at 04:36:38
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Washing up glove recommendations? (Read 806 times)
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Washing up glove recommendations?
05.07.14 at 22:52:03
Warning - Rant Alert!!!
As if it wern't enough that Boots is always full of stupid balloons, that sometimes they TAPE them to pharmacy counter of all places, and that they put rubber bands round the boxes of antihistamines in thier carousel today they have stopped stocking my favourite latex free washing up gloves. I am fuming!
Irritatingly I think their washing up gloves are the best ones I have used. It looks like you might still be able to buy them online but that just isn't the same as nipping out for a pair.
Can anyone recommend and alternative brand and tell me where you buy them?
I have tried the spontex ones and find they are not very grippy when wet.
If anyone else is a user of these gloves would you let Boots know you'd like them to restock them? The pharmacist told me they had been asked for them a lot.
Thanks so much, Drizzle
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