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23.07.19 at 20:13:40
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BLUE WATERS shopping centre (Read 636 times)
LASG Forum Administrator
LASG Forum Administrator

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BLUE WATERS shopping centre
03.10.14 at 15:01:47
Forwarded from Janet Airey via LASG
i thought I should let you know , perchance to warn other LA people that BLUE WATERS shpping centre,is today hazardous!  in particular the SWATCH shop,festooned with around 40 /50! I had to dash in and get an assistant to come outside to me! needed ventolin, and really piriton, but am wary of using it, if alone, which i was  and driving having already had cetrerezine!
proceeded back to john lweis [i usually use their car park, outside there is a “cafe bar” but i didn’t dare use that as 2 or 3 adajcent shops had latex balloon displays bobbling about.
i now have red face, and itchy watery eyes!
i have let AC know and Sue suggested i email you. and then Blue Waters, which she has, and then i shall . i shall also have a go  at Swatch. it is very annoying as Swatch is one thing that doesn’t cause eczema etc.
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