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13.07.20 at 17:41:46
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Rotherham Hospital (Read 1090 times)


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Rotherham Hospital
26.05.15 at 18:03:37
Been in Hospital for 11 days now, post pancreatitis after camera to remove one last gallstone. The inflamation markers in my blood are constantly raised and BP up & down - never had BP problems.  
I have Latex Allergy type IV I believe - also suffer Latex Fruit Syndrome...  
They keep using Blood Pressure monitors on me & cannulas etc, they have no protocol in place what so ever for people like us...  
The pain is constant, and with wearing pj's and underwear constantly, could that be contributing to my middle torso pain that is piercing in my back... Only recently diagnosed even tho I have suffered for 17 years so im still learning!!!  
I have been told they wear Latex gloves in the kitchen prep areas for patients, then another lady says they dont!! So I do not know who to believe...
Loved it when they served me Tomato soup last night 😆😆 after being fluids only for 2 days!! Then no other food available/suitable so my 15 year old daughter had to get a taxi and bring me sandwiches in. I was fine with those, no increase in pain, I was ok with my breakfast today.  
Had lunch - a jacket potatoe & butter - I normally do not react to cooked potatoes, I cant handle them raw without itching hands though.. Cpl pieces of cucumber, cress and a little grated cheese.  
Asked for no cling film/plastics etc, took 8 days before they have reacted to my latex allergy in the kitchen & still dont feel confident??? Feel ill as a dog, felt sooooo sick since lunch & cant manage my tea yet either...
Many Thanks for any replies...
missing out on all this gorgeous weather...
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Re: Rotherham Hospital
Reply #1 - 26.05.15 at 21:15:43
Hi Julie, Sorry to hear that.   This is part of a reply I got from the Dept of Health just the other day:
Thank you for your email of 20 May about the presence of latex in hospitals. I have been asked to reply.

I note your concerns about the use of latex elastic bands in hospitals. As you may be aware, in 2005 the former National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) produced patient safety information ‘Protecting people with allergy associated with latex’ to reduce the risks associated with latex. The guidance is available at the following link:


The NPSA recommended that all NHS trusts and primary care organisations in England and Wales should develop a comprehensive working policy, or review their existing policy, on the use and purchasing of latex products, and to be mindful of risks to staff and patients posed by equipment.

Individual NHS organisations are ultimately responsible for their own procurement practices. However, NHS England has taken on the responsibilities of the NPSA, which include encouraging NHS organisations to adopt best practice regarding potential risks to patient safety. You may therefore wish to pursue your concerns with it directly, in addition to continued dialogue directly with hospital trusts. The contact details are:

NHS England
PO Box 16738
Redditch B97 9PT

Email: england.contactus@nhs.net

Why not email your concerns to that email address and let us know how you get on?
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