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23.07.19 at 17:32:45
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Campaign updates its advice on calling the emergen (Read 402 times)
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Campaign updates its advice on calling the emergen
08.04.16 at 16:18:49
Campaign updates its advice on calling the emergency services
Following concerns raised regarding ambulance response times, we have been looking into how emergency services respond to “anaphylaxis” 999 calls. It appears that all 999 calls are triaged to establish the seriousness of the patient’s condition.  If life-threatening symptoms such as airway problems, difficulty breathing, unresponsiveness are present, the call will be prioritised.  Allergic reactions not assessed as being associated with life-threatening symptoms would be prioritised “according to the symptoms and condition of the patient”
If the patient does not have immediately life-threatening symptoms they are not likely to be classified as anaphylaxis and treated accordingly. Some parents/patients, quite understandably dial 999 if they or their child are/is experiencing symptoms such as severe angioedema/ urticaria/ vomiting which, as we understand it, would not be classified as anaphylaxis, but which may progress to more severe symptoms in a very short period of time.
We have therefore changed the advice we give regarding calling the emergency service to include the following: ‘If the person’s condition deteriorates after making the initial 999 call, a second call to the emergency services should be made to ensure an ambulance has been dispatched.’”
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