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20.10.21 at 13:22:03
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Hi, I知 new here (Read 692 times)


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Hi, I知 new here
21.06.20 at 14:04:45
Hi, I致e had a contact Latex allergy for years but last week had my first proper food allergy and we nearly ended up calling an ambulance.  I壇 eaten Papaya, this Friday I had a reaction to Bananas and Strawberries on separate occasions an thinking back we realised that I知 also allergic to Kiwis.  I知 waiting on an appointment at the allergy clinic in Nottingham.  I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on what type of tests they might do.  Thank you in advance.
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LASG Forum Administrator

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Re: Hi, I知 new here
Reply #1 - 22.06.20 at 09:21:38
Hi Lea and welcome to the forum.  
The test will probably consist of what are known as skin prick tests.   This involves putting samples of various items that you may be allergic to and then a tiny prick through it to introduce it into the skin.   Don't worry about it; it's not at all painful and usually pretty accurate.   You are likely to be allergic to quite a lot of fruit that contains the same protein as latex.   Latex is, of course, derived from a plant and many other plants contain the same protein.   These are likely to include all large stoned fruits such as plums and cherries.   Bananas are a well known fruit that can have quite a bad effect and there are many others.   Good luck with the test and please let us know how you get on.
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