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Message started by Rebbecca on 19.12.14 at 14:31:11

Title: hello
Post by Rebbecca on 19.12.14 at 14:31:11

Hi! I've been allergic to latex since I a kid. It was undiagnosed when I was young but my grandma use to cover the elastic in all my clothing or I'd get a bad raash where it touched my skin. I had to wear cotton gloves over my hands or they would break out as a child.

I realized it was a latex allergy as an adult. I've really struggled with clothing because I have reactions to spandex also. I read that spandex is latex free but I randomly have reactions to it. I've stopped wearing anything except cotton and wool and this has helped. Thankfully my reactions have all been rash related and so far no breathing issues. I've had to learn to sew and I found I can use Lastin (Latex free elastic). I still struggle with the clothing issues. I've had better luck Thrift store shopping (Old clothes have no spandex) and I pre-wash everything 2 times with a extra rinse cycle. My figure is curvy and buying new jeans in the men's section doesn't work for me. I'd love to know if anyone has a source for buying women's jeans that don't contain spandex.

Title: Re: hello
Post by LASG Forum Administrator on 19.12.14 at 17:58:27

Hi Rebbecca and welcome to the forum.   Over the years we have amassed a wealth of information so just have a dig around.

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