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Message started by Jackie on 23.06.17 at 15:46:31

Title: Hello.
Post by Jackie on 23.06.17 at 15:46:31

I have have had a number of health issues over the last year and now believe this could be linked to a latex allergy (plus possible reaction to too much folic acid). I have noticed I seem to get reactions to eating (and possibly just being near) bananas, tomatoes and nectarines. I have also had reactions in supermarkets near their sportswear/underwear or tills with conveyor belts. I also believe I have reacted badly to a couple of pairs of sandals I have worn before making the connection.
I have had severe breathing problems on a number of occasions (which is sometimes helped by drinking loads of water), post nasal drip, acid reflux, sudden extreme tiredness, weakness in limbs, swollen red face and a furry tongue and stinging mouth when eating.  
I am looking for help to try and track down the cause of my symptons and to find out the things I need to avoid. I thought this forum may be able to help me and will be looking through all the posts with interest.

Title: Re: Hello.
Post by LASG Forum Administrator on 23.06.17 at 18:38:25

Hi Jackie and welcome to the forum.   You are showing a lot of the early signs of Type 1 Latex Allergy.   All the Type 1 sufferers I have come across are allergic to bananas and tomatoes.   Have you told your doctor about this as I think, as a matter of your safety, you should be carrying an epipen.

Title: Re: Hello.
Post by Jackie on 24.06.17 at 18:09:31

Hi, and thanks fir the reply. I have not spoken to the doctor since I have been able to trace this to something more specific.  I have an appointment booked for mid July and have been told that there are no earlier appointments.

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