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07.05.21 at 09:00:41
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New here (Read 498 times)


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New here
06.12.19 at 10:59:42
Iím Gem, I myself have a latex allergy which I believe has come from the amount of exposure I have had to it over the years, due to my disability and related issues and latex products I have used - which I have had to change!. Found through blood about 7/8 tests years ago, which I had also followed and informed everyone about even though I had never had a reaction, confirmed 3 years ago during an operation (I was first down to theatre!) when I had Anaphylaxis, caused by equiptment covering that contained latex (which proves the people you put your trust in to know what latex is in, infact do not know!  
I believe I had a reaction a few months ago (thankfully not as bad), after a hospital visit where the consultant did not wear gloves, but if she had been must have still had a trace of them still on her skin, that turned into cellulitis. I am just recovering from Allergy Contact Dermatitis, which I can put back to a few weeks ago, when I had both been the hairdressers on the Thursday (before touching me they reassured me that use latex free gloves) then on the Friday I had a district nurse and a student with me, the student was going to so it but the nurse had to take over, they tend to use dressing packs containing latex free gloves, but some nurses carry spare loose gloves, which Iím not sure if they are latex free, and I believe she used those, yet again they reassured me they only use latex free gloves, due to past experience I am also questioning things!  
Sorry for the long post, but that is the short version of my story!
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Re: New here
Reply #1 - 06.12.19 at 17:04:24
Hi Gem and welcome to the forum.   Don't worry about a post being long Gem it's good to hear about these things so that we can be prepared.
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